We go out once a month to distribute lunches and accept any kinds of donations – bread, wrapped cookies, chips, water, meats and cheeses. Our group meets on the designated Sunday morning at the St. Peter and Paul School parking lot to finalize the lunch bags, distribution route/procedures, and say a quick prayer.

The Sundays when we will go out to distribute lunches will be announced on Instagram and on the Facebook page a couple of weeks in advance. We spread the word on social media as a way to share the details with a larger web of friends and family who want to help but don’t necessarily know how to get involved.

While distributing sandwiches to the needy is a fantastic way to #teachHope, there are other ways to spread the message. Other important ways that we #teachHope is by posting pictures on Instagram of any act of kindness that you may see or be a part of in your day. Be the good in your world – and when you see it around you, share it so we may continue to bring the beauty of Hope into my classroom. The beauty of #teachHope is that with every act of kindness, you not only help that person, whether friend or stranger, but you help inspire kids to do the same.

You give. You teach. We all learn.

And remember, no good deed is too small. Every bit counts.